TB-12 and TB-14 Trailer Hoists

TB-12 and TB-14 Trailer Hoists arrow Hoists

TB-12 and TB-14 Trailer Hoists


Rugby trailer hoists are powder coated, have double acting cylinders with hardened chrome cylinder shafts and fully greaseable pivot points.
TB-12 & TB-14 Trailer Hoist


Rugby Manufacturing is the industry leader in the design and testing of trailer hoists – each Rugby hoist is engineered and tested for an extended lifecyle at full-rated capacity. 

The NEW TB-12 and TB-14 scissor hoists are designed for 10’ to 16’ trailers with capacities ranging from 6.9 tons to 15.7 tons. Just a few of the benefits of these hoists include:

  • NEW body prop incorporated into the hoist – no installation required
  • 3-year warranty